Matt is interested in picking up mystery, thrillers, nonfiction, sports, narrative nonfiction, biography, history, fiction, fantasy and science fiction. It features actual query letter examples to literary agents that were successful for authors. Successful Query Letter with Lots of Tips by Erin Beaty. But the book doesn’t make things easy. It’s because of my experience in writing GILA that I was inspired to write Melati’s story. It is complete at 110,000 words. Although query letters are incredibly important when presenting your work, whether fiction or nonfiction, to an agent, editor, or publisher, they’re actually pretty simple when you get right down to it. By Jason Boog on Dec. 18, 2012 - 3:42 PM Comment. Love you guys! Author Rebecca Colby has been through it all, from struggling through learning the intricacies of querying to selling a book and acquiring an agent. The novel is a grand, sprawling space opera, but I choose Mass Effect because a large part of my novel is about a crew of misfits banded together on a starship, and much like in Mass Effect, their relationships develop, demons from their pasts return to influence their decisions, and the (often exuberant) places they go changes them. Dear AGENT NAME: This is not the place to show off your inventiveness, tempting as that might be. The Number One Goal of the query letter is to make someone want to read your story. Today I'm featuring debut picture book author Margaret Chiu Greanias, who has graciously agreed to share her successful query letter for Maximillian Villainous (Running Press Kids, 2018). Because this is how it works: dream-selves don’t survive the death of their dreamers. This is what I’ve been trying to achieve with this whole query, and according to multiple agents I (somehow) managed to do just that. Home » Successful Queries » Siobhan Cunningham – Successful Query Letters. Michael J. Martinez's The Daedalus Incident, accepted by Sara Megibow of KT Literary Agency. Of course the letter will sound clunky and artificial at first, but you’ll be able to smooth it out. If you’re not getting agent responses to your current query letter, try this approach. It is these diseases that I draw from when writing the hardships and pain that Alexandria goes through during the novel. Are you struggling to write a query letter to literary agents? As I’m in the querying process, do you mind terribly if I ask how your experience working with an agent was? Help Us Spread the Love of Reading! During English, she is caught in a crossfire and hit by a stray bullet straight through the chest. The comparison to non-novel material was a risky one, but I think it worked because it shows an appeal to fans of cinema and video games. Without that initial cover letter, none of that would have been possible. It’s only through an intricate web of counting and tapping rituals that she’s able to tame the beast within her and keep her mother safe. It’s not perfect, but it’s one way that worked, and I’ll explain why I think it did. If you've successfully picked up an agent (and/or a book deal! Share. 3 Replies 11.4K Views Last post by LindsayRae Aug 28, 2019 2016-10-07T05:59. :) by cecilia-mar » Mar 08, 2016. I welcome your thoughts on this example of a successful query letter… xo. Categories Good Story Company, Query Letter Tags Slush 1. It goes without saying that the novel also needs to be good. Also, thanks for sharing this. But far too many queries fail to be "killer," but instead make us want to kill ourselves. Fantasy-Faction Turns 10! Successful Query Letters and Winning Examples The goal of query letter is to elicit an invitation from an agent (or editor) to send in sample chapters or the whole manuscript. Query Letters. Readers are encouraged to send in work with questions, and I diagnose them on the blog. A few weeks back, I signed with my awesome agent, John Jarrold, who represents such folks in the business like John Gwynne, Richard Ford, Melinda Snodgrass, and dozens other awesome writers. I could be a little more loose and ambiguous at the end, but since it’s the finishing sentence it really needs to hook the agent. I did the best thing I could to make the agent care about the character and his situation by showing the things he lost and things he misses (and, by extension, the reader will want to see him get those things back). I avoided non-specifics that added nothing but words to the query (i.e., “he must sacrifice everything”, “he must do the impossible”, or the worst of all: “chaos ensues”). Having gone through the exercise, I figured I'd share the few paltry samples of "good" or successful query letters I managed to scrounge up. And 9 times out of 10, they provide too much information that is the wrong type of information. “If you have not heard back from us six weeks after sending your letter, you may assume that we have passed. ... Popular among fantasy fans, the sequel has already been released with more on the way. And in Seven, as detective Mills and Somerset discover increasingly gruesome murder scenes, their moral compasses start to change and pull them apart, as does the way they approach the case. It's been a while since I've taken a look at my query. Before submitting my draft, I was so worried because I was navigating publishing for the first time. But to state these things is not enough: you have to escalate, upscale, shatter the status quo. Here it is: Format with your address at the top of the page, right justified. I’m All Done, Now What? Reading successful queries helped me out, and I hope I returned the favour and inspired some of you here. In this blog post I will detail the best practices and principles to use in a nonfiction query letter. Use your pitch, credentials, and comparables to craft a query letter … did such wonderful work with my memoir's query letter package. Here are some of our favorite query letter basics articles that will help you polish your sci-fi or fantasy novel query letter to an elvish shine: 9 Query Letter Phrases That Get Results. All it requires is a firm grasp of your story premise. Like Alexandria, I have a love of the stars but would rather stay on Earth. Remy has depression and a catalogue of failure. I have written a speculative fiction from the 1st person POV of a 19-year-old medical student and a 65-year-old pharma kingpin. He could save countless species and planets from exploitation, and utilize their improved acceleration tech to cure the nightmares for good. The query letter is a one-page letter you send to an agent to convince them that your book is worth selling. My core thoughts were well written in the synopsis and chapter outline. My previous novel was self-published under the title DREAMLYNC. In addition to posting these query letter samples, we will also get to hear thoughts from the writer's literary agent as to why the letter worked. Yes, that’s right. I appreciate hearing the positive aspects of a successful query. Below was the query letter that grabbed her attention: Query: Dear Pooja Menon, DREAMCATCHERS, a young adult urban fantasy completed at 67,000 words, was one of the three finalists for this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest in the young adult category. Refusal is not an option, especially since the Russians are her only way to get Alun off planet. She told me she was spending a lot of time and money figuring out which managers and agents accepted query letters so she could let them know about her fantastic new screenplay. Sam started researching agents in 2013, began querying in late 2014, and got her agent in mid 2015. I’m 30 years old and work in TV news production at the ABC, although I’ve previously worked as an in-house script story-liner and script editor for the Seven Network TV drama ‘Headland’ and for the Emmy nominated ABC children’s series ‘Dance Academy’. Re: Addiction memoir query. I also received a script development grant from the Northern Territory Film Commission for a feature film screenplay and have co-written a television series ‘Significant Strangers’ which we’re currently pitching. Now, while the comp titles are less important than the bulk of the query, they do give an idea of where your novel sits on the shelf, and the sort of readers who will be buying it. The letter should be three paragraphs in length; it will contain a greeting, a hook, a bit about you, a bit about your book, a conclusion and a thank yo u. Kirra and the ghost make a pact. and have shared the query letters with me that got them that agent or sold that manuscript for them. On subject; I was kind of hoping for some examples of successful non-urban fantasy query letters on a fantasy-focused site since they’re hard to come across, specifically behemoths that cover multiple important POVs just to get an idea of how the story was handled in the letter. Query letters were all the rage in Hollywood in the '80s and '90s. Post your private query here, for help or critiques from other members. THE ROGUE GALAXY is 105,000 words and is SEVEN meets LEVIATHAN WAKES with a dash of MASS EFFECT. You’re not sending this “To Whom It May Concern.” It should be clear you’ve done your research and are targeting an agent who represents your genre and that you’re aware of similar books he has represented to publishers. But it’s 1969, and on May 13th, the already percolating melting pot that is Kuala Lumpur boils over. 5. Great query – I haven’t yet read Megan’s book but it’s now on my list. If the Russians are right, it would give CISS a Star-Touched. Successful Query Letter Examples: Anna Quinn & 'The Night Child' This article is part of a series called Successful Queries. 11 Things Writers Forget To Include In Their Query Letters To Literary Agents.