Advice: Say yes to everything that fellow teachers or new Thai friends invite you to do. Nevertheless, good … By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies. It was upsetting at first, but I just focused on enjoying all the things that I’m able to experience here. Certified Teacher in Thailand. Start in July, 2021. Intrepid Teachers. My starting salary was 48,000 baht a month plus 2,900 baht housing allowance. Her work: I teach at an international school that follows the Cambridge curriculum. We also get well-compensated compared to teachers in local schools. You can rent a studio-type room at around 2,000 THB (around P3,300). If you are wondering why always internship, I was an undergraduate student back then and hadn’t finished my bachelor’s degree yet, so mainly wanted to gain some work experience. I am here to share a … Why Thailand: A few years ago, my family moved to Thailand for mission work. Lastly, Thailand is not an English-speaking country, so learning the basics of their language will help you settle in comfortably and live harmoniously with the locals. However the educational institute (school, college, university) must hold a license from the Ministry of Education. Ito na guys! While I am still working on making Thai and Western friends, I am happy with the small little group that I have here. Teachers are exempted from the minimum wage requirements. I am renting a new, fully-furnished one-bedroom condo for only P10,000; the electricity and water expenses are unbelievably cheap as well. My mom was a teacher in Davao for 21 years prior to moving here, so she could really see the difference between working here and there. It’s just another phenomenon in Thailand but many foreigners just agree on such working conditions because they want to live their dream in Thailand – even if that means they’re risking to run out of money sooner or later. Other Benefits for Teachers in Thailand. Native English Speaking Teachers Needed in Thailand - Pattaya, Si Racha, Chonburi, Sattahip Location: Multiple Locations Salary: 40,320.00 THB-80,000.00 THB IT salaries in Thailand. Job hunt: A friend who works at the school told me that they were looking for a new ICT teacher. What's the average salary for Filipinos teaching English in Phnom Penh? Insider advice: Know the value of your skills and pull out your best diskarte! (I wrote about my dismay at how poorly compensated public school teachers in the Philippines are here.) I didn’t have any problems when I moved here; the school processed my work visa and paid for the entire relocation process. The sad truth is that a lot of employers are giving a shit about this law. This involves a lot of singing, dancing, storytelling, and play-related activities. Her work: I teach International Baccalaureate (IB) Chemistry and Biology at one of the top international schools in Bangkok. If you’re okay with living with just the basics, then you can really save a lot of money here! Teachers are paid between 18 thousand to 50 thousand baht, depending on the qualifications. Say 'Sawasdee ka' to a change of scenery! I am also the high school student council supervisor and Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Leader for the school. Also, Thai people are very mild-mannered and they show a lot of respect to the Thai royal family. However, it is a reality in Thailand that your salary will be based on your nationality and skin color, with more value placed on Caucasians—your competence is just secondary. There you have the minimum wages, black on white. Establish yourself and get some private classes for additional income. Quick Apply. Starting salary for a ‘local hire’ at many such schools is at least 120,000 baht per month ($3,870). Money matters: On my first year, I received 25,000-30,000 THB monthly (around P41,000-P50,000) including from my part-time job doing private tutorials for 300-500 THB per hour (around P500-P830). As ZdNet Asia survey shows the average salary for IT's in Thailand is around 600,000 BHT per year. PHOTO: (LEFT) Courtesy of Adah Grace, (RIGHT) Roselle Yap. Why Thailand: Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of living abroad, either to study or work. Job hunt: I came to know of the opening through a friend working at the same school who asked if I was willing and capable of teaching geography, because there was an opportunity at their institution. Under the proposed agreement, Filipino teachers will be hired by the Thailand’s Ministry of Education to teach students in primary and secondary levels in government schools. Also, learn how to negotiate if you think you could offer a lot more as a teacher, but always make sure to work with passion and deliver your best effort. My bills for utilities are fairly cheap, just around P2,000 for electricity, water, and Internet including mobile data. Maryvit School currently employs more than 100 Filipino teachers and more than 700 Thai teachers. I had interviews with multiple schools around the world, but I chose the job in Bangkok based on the reputation of the school and the salary package. I didn’t know about the minimum wage law for foreigners at that time – and I ended up looking for another job anyway since the business didn’t go very well. and have not increased at all in the last 20 years. Job hunt: I regularly patroled online forums and job sites. My name is LeeAnne, from Philippines (Proud Bisaya! Filipino English Teacher, Private School in Chiang Mai Fang District Province Location: In Fang District, Chiang Mai Age not more than 40 yrs. Ask around and research about how much teachers usually receive from government, private, and international schools. and payments into the social fund (health insurance, 5% of salary, maximum 750 Baht/month, payable 50% by employee and 50% by employer). I am renting a two-storey apartment, for which I only pay 1,000 THB monthly (around P1,600)—half the amount, as the school pays for the other half. Hometown: Davao CityCurrent location: Doem Bang Nang Buat, Suphan Buri for the past five months. I didn’t expect for the application to be really easy for me; I simply emailed my application to the HR team, and within a few weeks I was interviewed once, and then offered the job about a week after that. Why Thailand: I was a public school teacher in the Philippines for four years, and I quit for two reasons: I could not see myself doing the same job that I was doing since I was 21 until I was 65, and I was honestly not happy with the P18,000 salary I was getting. Her work: I work as an Assistant Director of Studies at a company that provides English program curricula for international schools and bilingual schools. old Primary 1, 2 & M1-3 Salary to offer: 20000-22000 THB Working Day: Monday-Friday 25-35 students per class No teacher assistant Insider advice: If it’s your first time to work abroad, then you might be looking at a different package and level of competition—the salary package varies based on your credentials, experience, and years in international school teaching. Thanks to a high demand for English-speaking teachers in Thailand, Filipinos have long been moving to our neighboring Southeast Asian nation to work as teachers—and along with it, enjoy high pay, low cost of living, and a fascinating cultural landscape. In addition to a teaching salary, educators in Thailand often receive other benefits depending on their job and city. Apply for overseas jobs for Americans, English-speaking jobs for expats in China, Asia. I then asked for a permanent position and what I was offered was a base salary of 20,000 Baht. BASIS International Schools Bangkok, Thailand . Second, arm yourself with teaching qualifications and international English certifications like IELTS and TOEFL/TEFL—these will improve your chances tremendously. Why Thailand: Both my husband and I worked corporate jobs in the Philippines and this left us with very little time for our daughter. Restaurants and fast food places are pretty expensive though, so Bangkok street food is the go-to. Money matters: I earn four times more than the net pay I was getting back home as a public school teacher. This allows me to live very comfortably here and save as well because rent, food, and utilities are quite comparable to Manila costs. 7. I handle geography and history classes for middle school students (Years 7-9). First I did an internship with an American online marketing company in Bangkok. But that is "still too low to make ends meet," she added. Based on their salary, employees are required to pay personal income tax (progressive, the first 150,000 Baht/year are exempted, then scaling up, i.e. If you have experience teaching and a TEFL certification, teaching at a local bilingual school is a great way to earn a high salary in Thailand. Insider advice: For Filipinos, we need to learn not to say yes to every task that is given to us, especially those that are way beyond our scope of responsibilities. When you do get hired, make sure you have enough money to pay the downpayment for your rent and emergency expenses. She said it was so much better here because paperwork is less of a hassle, compensation is good, and cost of living is low. Bus fare costs 6.50 THB (around P10); sometimes, it’s free. Post by Ellee0125 » Mon May 01, 2017 6:01 am I am currently working as an English teacher in Phnom Penh for a little over 4 months now and just getting 300USD a month (which I know is ridiculously … If you’re itching for a new challenge and you think that Thailand offers just the right mix of exciting adventure and comfortable familiarity—and in a location that’s not so outrageously far that you can’t just fly home for a visit when homesickness hits—read on and be on your way to squealing “Sawasdee kaaa!”, Hometown: ManilaCurrent location: Bangkok for the past 10 months. Find out more here. I am also a students’ club activities head and I coach and moderate the school’s Model United Nations delegation. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on After less than a month, they got back to me to tell me that I was hired. And then I worked for one of Thailand’s biggest law firms, I started off with an internship as well. Hometown: Metro ManilaCurrent location: Bangkok for the past three years. Here, we got eight Pinays to reveal how they landed teaching jobs in Thailand, how they’re faring financially, and what tips they can dish to anyone looking to do the same. The minimum salary that a Filipino teacher could earn is 15,000 THB (24,000PHP) a month. As for living in Thailand, everything comes pretty cheap, from electricity to rice, fruits, veggies, and meat. And that’s not just Thai companies but especially foreign owned businesses that may offer you a job with a salary that is below the minimum wage applicable to your country of origin. Even though there would have been commissions on top of that, it is just half of what I should have received as a German citizen (50,000 Baht). Her work: I work as an ESL teacher at a private school. For college / university teachers the pay range is a lot greater, you may get 35,000 Baht teaching first-year bachelor students in a private school or 60,000 Baht … Money matters: My salary is 26-28,000 THB a month (around P40-46,000). Money matters: In the city, rent can be as low as P8,000, like where I currently live, to as high as P25,000. I get to have a decent meal for P50-60. A month later, I quit my job, packed my bags, and flew to Thailand where a new job was waiting for me. Money matters: I receive around 32-38,000 THB monthly (around P53,000-P63,000)—a whole lot compared to what I was earning in the Philippines. It’s important to remember that it’s up to you to ask about these benefits; many schools may be willing to accommodate requests for them if you negotiate. The average income in Thailand for more educated employees and jobs in the biggest cities is from around 300,000 BHT per year to around 600,000 BHT per year, while wages for not educated workers can be much lower. In addition to a great salary, these jobs also have better benefits. There are four different types, depending on the employee’s country of origin. Rent is pretty expensive in convenient areas, so if you want to save, chances are you’ll have a longer commute. Lastly, you will never know unless you try. May nakalimutan ako! That school pays a little more now. Insider advice: One important thing Thais look for from an applicant is a teaching degree and teaching license; having a teaching certification would give you greater chances of being hired. If I were to teach at an international school in the Philippines, I would most likely be considered a local hire and, I’m guessing, would get around 15-20 percent of my current income. Hometown: Davao CityCurrent location: Bangkok for the past three years. Job hunt: I didn’t have a hard time looking for a job. Job hunt: When I found this job, I wasn’t really looking, but just as my one-month tourist visa was about to expire during a trip here, my mom’s friend called about an urgent need for a Filipino teacher. Monthly Salary: 15,000 - 30,000THB (approximately $550 - $1200) Airfare: Depends on the school - round trip airfare can be reimbursed upon completion of contract, but usually airfare is not included: Working Hours: 35-40 hours/week, 5 days a week: Accommodation: $150-$200/month (at teacher's expense); teachers receive assistance in arranging accommodation I also get to travel around Thailand for free! Intrepid Teachers offers free placements for those who aspire to teach English in … Bear in mind, TEFL salaries are extremely low (about $1,000 USD/mo.) Filipino Teachers In Thailand. Her work: I handle the playgroup for children aged one to four for a British international school. I scheduled as many interviews as possible over the period of one week, then I went to Thailand that week and hopped from one school to another. Her work: I teach Information and Communications Technology (ICT) under the UK/Cambridge curriculum to students from Years 9 to 13 at an international school. Alam ko andaming nag aabang nito. As for my salary, let’s just say it’s almost—if not more than—three times the earnings of a private school teacher in Davao. What really seems to be the way it is done in Thailand for foreign employees is that they either get a great salary because they are recruited from the main office in their home country, or if they apply directly in Thailand they get mainly offered salaries which is below the minimum. When finally deciding to move here, note that employers generally pay salaries at the end of the month, so you will have to keep some extra cash when you make the move. Average Salary in Thailand - Job and Sector Comparison. I didn’t ask too many questions about how much my friends who work here were earning, but they always told me that it’s better to be here than back in Davao because you definitely could earn more money. All the interviews were via Skype. Filipino Math Teacher for M2-M3 School in BKK Location: nearby Mrt Phetchaburi Salary: 22,000 THB Working Time: 08:00-4pm Not more than 24periods per week 6 Classes for Mattayom 3 3 Classes for Mattayom 2 September 2020 until March 31, 2021 Documents Provided for Visa and Work permit 2. I had visited Thailand a couple of times prior to my move and had always felt safe and comfortable here. Filters. Insider advice: Working as a teacher here in Thailand is a great choice considering the financial benefits and the exposure to different cultures, and if you are just like me who loves to travel and gain experiences, then go! Right after receiving my CV, the school owner called and asked if I was available for an interview that same day. PAANO MAG APPLY SA THAILAND ? Her work: I work as a trainer at a company that provides English program services to schools. The school is interested in teachers that seek a long term teaching career in Thailand. Insider advice:  Some schools would take advantage of your need of a job and would offer you work for a lower salary, so it’s very important to know your worth. PAANO NGA MAGKATRABAHO SA THAILAND ? With this salary, I am able to pay my own rent and bills, give to my local church, help my family, and keep some for myself. Apartment or Housing Allowance 5% for 150,001-300,000, 10% for 300,001-500,000 etc.) Thais are known for their serene and relaxed outlook in life, therefore it would be good to not always be in a rush in the workplace and to not be hot-tempered. That same day, I sent my CV and got a message for a Skype interview. I was hired on the spot and asked to start teaching the next day. For a Filipino teacher Thailand at year one contract offers 20-25k bht, free lunch and housing, if someone offers Filipino teacher more than that he or she is fortunate. Filipino teachers in Thailand are struggling after schools nationwide closed weeks ago in attempts to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Job hunt: I got both of my international teaching jobs—the first one was in Wuxi, China—through Search Associates, a leading recruiting agency for international teachers.